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  1. Thank you so much. This helps tremendously. The most important thing is accurately defining which courts will be used. For instance, does the Pot Luck event on Sunday have designated, reserved courts? Which courts? Obviously, the U of R events and matches use all of the courts. Will the schedule on the website be definitive? If a USTA captain decides that they need a fourth court when only three are reserved could they take that court at the last minute? Again, thanks.

    • Thanks for your comments.
      We will update the court numbers for the pot-luck. For USTA League matches, the number of players is fixed and therefore courts are reserved accordingly. There should be no reason for USTA captain to use an “extra” court. having said that there might be cases where a reserved court might be unusable (wet or other debris). the captain can then use a non-reserved court for the match.
      the schedule will be updated based on our current information. if a UoR captain decides to re-schedule a match or postpone it without telling us, the schedule will not reflect that change.
      in any case, if we are notified of any lest minute change, we will fire a mass email to the members.
      We hope this helps.

  2. It’s a great start. It would also be helpful to know when the high schools reserve the courts for CIF and Citrus Belt League playoffs. Also the schedule for courts washing would be nice. Don’t forget the UofR graduation ceremonies, alumni tennis events, intramural schedule, tennis classes, junior tennis camps and any other times the courts are reserved or the parking lots will be closed.

    • The High schools reservation are already there! Anything else that is currently reserved at the UoR administration is on the schedule. We will update the calendar based on the information we receive.

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